Well…it’s been a while

So for the past month or so a tiny part of my brain has been saying to blog – of course the rest has been either playing video games or doing homework (the first one is more likely). So I think it’s been telling me that because every three years turtlehead makes a book of her blog posts and I gotta say I love reading them, I love reading about mini-me and I can find out stuff I didn’t know so I think I’m hooked.

I just got a new Nerf gun but I don’t think any of you care because you are all adults, because no one my age has a blog. Which is kind of sad, because I kind of like this. (FYI it’s a shot gun and shoots two bullets at a time – awesome).

So I’m hoping to keep you guys updated but I don’t have a good memory, so keep your fingers crossed. I seriously just realized that I say (type?) so tooooooo much. So (dam it) I will check in soon (hopefully).

-Mini Turtlehead


Just Things From Home

So today I have many things to talk about; let’s start of with the most recent one. Now that my mom is mainly working on the days where we don’t go out, we play with each other. Now that usually goes well, but Little Miss Sunshine and the Captain sometimes get hungry and that doesn’t go well. And guess who sorts it out (it’s not me) it’s turtlehead, and that also doesn’t go well either.

OK, now a different topic – I just made a cake and the cake part is delicious but, the icing is bad it tastes like butter and sugar and mainly sugar; it’s orange.

So me and LMS and CJB came up with this great idea to use tsum tsum’s (the t is silent) (if you don’t know what they are google it) (if you don’t know what google is … google it). Anyway we use tsum tsum’s to play Clue. The big ones are rooms – ex. Tigger is the ballroom, Gamora is the kitchen, etc. etc. The mediums are the people – ex. Falcon is Miss Scarlett, Hamm (from Toy Story) is Professor Plum. The smalls are the weapons – Pooh is the candlestick, Spider Man is the revolver. It’s so much fun and so serious at the same time.

One last thing to talk about – almost forgot – so me and turtlehead and LMS went to an old car show at Hazeldean mall. They do raffles for CHEO and give out free stuff also since we are kids (not turtlehead, sorry mom, you’re a little past the age limit). We got to pick out a toy from the bin, it was all swimming stuff, but LMS found a skipping rope and I got an inflatable. It’s a giant giraffe head, but in the car as I was blowing it up on the way home, turtlehead thought it was a chicken – therefore, now it’s a thing to get someone’s attention, say “chicken giraffe!” and throw it at them.


A Small Advertisement

So most of you people might think – wow got one (amazingly cool super awesome dazzlingly fabulous) blog post and is already is sold out, but there is this new YouTube channel and it is just kicking off called Sheep Power, and it’s great, if I do say so myself (which I do btw).

Hey, if any one knows me personally, apparently I have an awesome belly laugh so comment down below if you think I do.

So today was Little Miss Sunsine’s b-day – happy b-day! It was an outdoor party with water guns and balloons; also, we got out the slip and slide. It was so cold but fun. I got soaked.

I am still sucking at Clash Royale.

This will be a small post but more to come (hopefully more funny 🙂 ).

-Gal Smiley Signing off


Starting out truthful

So I, Gal Smiley, now have a list of jobs to do during summer vacation. This one seemed the least boring and now I realise no one is going to read this. I have no idea why people start blogging for FUN!??, but hey, you see what you see and I see what I see.

Okay, so I just got a figit spinner (more commonly known as the spigit finner) but I don’t see the big deal, like oooo, I just found something that spins (and then I realise that I am playing with it while I am writing this).

Any people who love counting words out there? ‘Cause if you do, then will you count until I get to 300 words?

By now you have probably realised that this is just wasting your time, but still you insist on reading. I have run out of things to – oh wait, did I ever tell you about the time I went to the art gallery in Ottawa? I haven’t, good! ‘Cause it was boring. Now if you want to become an artist all you have to do is sell a big painting to someone who is rich and then wait until you die and presto! – famous.

-Gal Smiley Signing Off

P.S. Just for now!

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